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Walt drives to Gus's restaurant with an eager Hank to retrieve the tracking bug he left on Gus's car. Hank's suspicious when the bug only shows Gus driving between home and work: "He's so clean he must be dirty." Skyler is alarmed when Ted, whose company's cooked books Skyler signed off on, visits to tell her the IRS is auditing him. She pretends to be his ditzy, untrained accountant, putting off the investigation so long as he pays the fines and back taxes, which Ted tells her he doesn't have the money to do. Hank's research uncovers Gus's depot, so Jesse is brought in to help clean and move all the product out of it. While there, one of the cartel's top lieutenants, sniping, kills one of the workers, but Mike pulls a shock-stilled Jesse to safety. Gus calls the cartel, giving in to the...


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